The Body Shop

This project was created as an entry for the D&AD New Blood Awards. Worked as a team with Elisabeth Kerr.
The Body Shop is the original ‘natural and ethical beauty’ brand and stands as a force for positive social and environmental change.

The Body Shop wanted their new look to encompass their quirky tone of voice, product efficacy and premium beauty credibility. We created a new visual language for the brand, reflecting their pioneering spirit within the beauty industry and as a forward-thinking brand. This language was channeled through a variety of different types of media including the web, window posters, campaign poster, and an informational pamphlet. 

The product's all-natural, fair-trade ingredients inspired our look and feel for the new visual communication style. We wanted to bring a tactile quality to the brand to reflect the ingredients' origin. This is shown through the handwritten typography and the photographs were made with the application of the logo.