Street Kings & Queens
Branding, Work In Progress

The sportbike industry is a niche market, catering singularly to men, while often sexualizing women's bodies to sell products. This is an issue considering one in four motorcycle riders are female; a 28% increase within the last five years. Women also influence 85% of all purchasing decisions.

These inequalities leave female riders forgotten about, wishing for more options. Street Kings & Queens supports equality in the sportbike industry by providing ready-to-wear apparel as well as custom gear for both men and women.

Sportbike riders are known for splitting lanes, going fast, dangerous stunts and outrunning police. The goal was to create edgy, urban, and rebellious vibes throughout the brand. All graphics were hand-drawn and paired with simple, minimal typography. Gold foils and metallic inks on 400lb cover stock add rigidity and a royal touch. Every aesthetic detail was considered with equality in mind.